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Joe spent over 8 hours revitalizing my older BMW X3. He thoroughly cleaned every inch of my car, conditioned the leather, and made my tires look like new. The exterior is black and he made it look 10 times darker, with a sparkling shine. I highly recommend Joe's work. My car looks so good that brand new cars on a showroom floor would be jealous!

Charmaine C

Joe is not to believed. He worked on my car for 6 hours which was not dirty, I just wanted it detailed. Was a great job.

Jim Brown

Joe had come over to my place to work for an appointment we had scheduled sometime last week. He had arrived at the exact time specified and still had done very excellent work despite his partner not being with him. He had spend around twice the amount of time he normally would have to ensure that my vehicle was looking very good. He has now become my permanent detail guy!

Branden Trott

Absolutely incredible work. I have never seen anyone work so hard or be so passionate about providing a quality product . For the price you get so much more than what you pay for . Joe showed up on time at 8 am and worked non stop till sunset detailing every inch of my truck . Just detailing the engine alone was worth the price but he buffed, waxed, and polished the entire exterior as well as cleaned all the interior upholstery . He even went so far as to clean all the air vents out . I am still in shock with how amazing this guy is . I am telling everyone I know about Joe. Especially if your are getting your car ready to sale this service is a must .


So fist Joe is very easy to communicate with. He's direct in his pricing with little budge but for VERY good reason. You get what you pay for and when you get Joe, he deserves what you pay him! Hard hard working man. I actually feel like I did not pay enough. It's a tough market because your like what can you do to my car that's worth $200??? After he was done (and it took him almost all day because his helper was out) I was like omg I had no idea that much could be done to a car!!!! It's like it's brand new again. It's crazy how good it looks I was LITERALLY amazed. Get Joe, he's worth every single penny!!


Joe detail my classic car and he did a excellent job..If you want good service ..Call Joe he does quality work..You will be very happy..Price was reasonable personality was awesome

Willie Webster

Great service. Highly recommend this guy. Knows exactly what needs to be done. He works extremely hard and get the job done. Positive vibe for the entire service.

andy chen

I can't say enough about this man as he is absolutely amazing. The hardest worker I've ever seen and he won't stop until your car is brand new again. Highly recommend him.

Ilan D

I have used so many auto detailing places here in town. Some are quick some are slow some are good and some are just...well just plain horrible. Until I used Joe's mobile detailing I didn't think that I would ever find a detailer I would use every time until I hired Jon from Joes mobile detailing. He is very meticulous and pays attention to detail while completing the entire process in a timely manner. If you are looking for a GRADE A+++ automobile detailing company Joes Mobile Detailing is the one and only company you need in your rolodex. I will recommend to ANY persons in the Las Vegas valley looking for the finest at mobile detailing! - Jeff -

Jeff Javar


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