A Clean Like No Other

Get complete detailing services from our dedicated team in Las Vegas, NV

Need a professional level of cleanliness and restoration? If so, Joe's Mobile Detailing is the Las Vegas, NV company for you. Our complete detailing services go above and beyond to address even the minor details of your vehicle. We leave no nook, cranny or surface overlooked to ensure you get a deep clean and revitalization that's immediately apparent.

In addition to mobile interior detailing, we can also polish your car's exterior. Fogged headlights don't just look bad - they're also a hazard. We'll restore your headlights so they look new and shine bright.

This service is available as an add-on premium service when you purchase our complete detailing services. Prices start at $35 per headlight and are dependent on the condition of each headlight. Call today to get all the details.

What all is included?

From hand-washing your car to providing thorough mobile interior detailing services, our team does it all. We can:

  • Apply a clay bar treatment
  • Machine polish paint to remove light scratches
  • Finish with premium paint sealant for long-lasting protection
  • Clean glass inside and out
  • Clean headliners
  • Detail the engine
  • Hand-wash exterior
  • Clean and condition all rubber and vinyl panels
  • Vacuum interior carpets, floors, mats and upholstery
  • Clean the interior console and dash
  • Clean and condition leather and steam clean carpets
  • Clean wheel wells
  • Remove tar from body panels
  • Clean rims and tires

Not every company includes engine detailing in their services, but we're different. Engine detailing is a must-have for show cars. When you pop your hood at an auto show, passersby won't be able to help but stare at an engine that looks like it just rolled off the factory line! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.